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About is a 4-players funny strategy board game. Once you get into this fantastic world, you have to build the best kingdom and get as many coins as possible to win. The pieces of this game are added the same as dominoes. You have to match identical terrain types to earn a chance. There are nine turns in each round, and all of them last under 10 minutes.

In the beginning screen of this game, you can choose from many unique avatars. Then, the game will match you with other players all over the world to join in the same area. You will start with a castle. Pieces with resources earn you gold, and each of them has a market value. Each turn, four-game pieces are drawn: one for each player. 

A bid takes place to determine which player will get which piece. The game also gives you the chance to choose your favorite theme. If you can't determine the first choice, let set your second favorite piece. Then, set your third and fourth choices.

Each player will have 120 lands titles for the entire game to bid on desired pieces. So, let bid wisely. Let set an offer to get your first choice. In case two or more players want similar pice, the highest bid wins.

How to play:

  • LMB - interact with the screen

Tips and tricks:

  1. You can change the bid in case of the time is not over
  2. You should choose the offer wisely as it affects a lot to the game Unblocked:

  1. You may be genuinely joyful while playing Unblocked. And if you are looking for a web game to enjoy every great moment in the fun world of this game, let visit now. This site will provide you a smooth and unblocked experience, a big collection of free games in all types, and always opening every time. So, whenever you like, you can visit it.
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