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About is known as a new version of the original Minesweeper game that can be played for free online at this time. Feel excited, guys? If yes, don’t waste time anymore! Let’s start now!

How to play

First of all, you need to know the main request is to determine all the mines as fast as possible without discovering any of them. And if you find a mine, the game will be over instantly. In addition, please pay attention to a leaderboard because your next task is to overcome other players to attain the top position. Got it?

Of course, is similar to the Minesweeper, but allow me to remind some important information so that you can complete the game better.

  • Start with hexagons having 0 value. The number 0 means there are no mines surrounding. Hence, it’s safe to uncover every hexagon around it. Just tap on the left mouse to do it, okay?
  • Then take a look at other values such as 1, 2, 3, etc. Each value indicates how many mines are in the hexagons that are surrounding the numbered one.
  • Next, you need to put a flag on the hexagon that you think that it contains mines by clicking on the right mouse. The best thing is to begin with the hexagons that definitively contain the mines. For instance, you should mark an alone hexagon next to the number 1.
  • The more you play, the more you can learn to define patterns that include a mine. For instance, the pattern “232” at the edge of a group of discovered hexagons points out a row of three mines next to the three numbers. Or if you recognize the pattern “121” on a straight line, please mark a flag on the ones and step on the number 2.

Aside from marking places with mines, you have to notice other players who want to occupy your territory. Try your best to expand the terrain and stop the others. Besides, you are able to enhance your position on the leaderboard well.

Time to play and find out how well you are. Be agile and wise to seize the top place! Good luck, guys!

Tips and tricks

  1. Since this game is a large playground, you need to drag the screen to move around with ease.
  2. Never use right-click twice on any hexagon or you will be sent back to the welcoming screen.
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