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No matter how long you play a series of .io games in our site, discovering makes you surprising for sure. Enter its main screen to know now!

How to play:

  • At first sight, the game looks quite simple yet tricky. Via using the mouse, you need to guide a bouncing ball to walk backward and forwardsin order to arrive at the end of the map (the green area) successfully. 1 score will be added and then you will be brought to another map. Remember that the more maps you overcome, the more scores you receive to increase your place on the leaderboard.
  • Of course, everything doesn’t sound simple like that because you have to face up with lots of obstacles such as lava, spikes, and swinging objects. If unluckily hitting them, the game will be over right away. The truth is that most of the newbies are sent out the game just for a few seconds.
  • The first reason is that they are not good at controlling the bouncing ball. At the very first beginning, I recommend you should choose “On” button for Control Guidelines since you will be covered by two straight lines that help to determine which area is safe to move backward and forwards l. After using a couple of times, you can turn it off to get a clear vision for the upcoming obstacles.
  • The second one might be the maps. There are many from easy to difficult, and you have no choice for selecting the easiest one. Doubtless you’re brought to the most challenging map.
  • However, don’t feel disappointed when everythinglooks liketough for attaining the final victory. Actually, this game offers an interesting feature of elemental power that any player can obtain with ease. These powers are everywhere in the map and once acquiring one, you are able to turn your ball into Fire, Wind, Water, or Earth for a while. Each brings a special ability that might differently interact with both objects and players. Grab and uncover since I won’t spoil anything.
  • Before giving a try, don’t forget to take a look at the board of Top 5 Today and do your best to overcome. Pick up your favorite color and START! Hope you succeed soon, all game lovers!

Tips and tricks:

  1. The purple color is safe for the bouncing ball.
  2. Depending on different parts of the terrain, you can bounce lower or higher.
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