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About emanates from a peculiar game of Hot Lava. Have you ever played it before? When someone cries “the floor is lava” , the others have to get off the ground as fast as possible. They can do anything such as hopping onto a near object or hanging from a gate or balancing on a ridge as long as their feet don’t touch the floor within a few seconds. If you don’t have any chance to enjoy this popular game in the real world, enter here to experience now!

How to play

  • The only instruction is to use the left mouse to move whilst the main request is to become the last person who doesn’t touch the lava. Let’s begin with 5 circles (means 5 players) hovering above the lava. When the countdown timer reaches zero, each circle starts to fall. Hit anywhere to move your circle in that direction immediately and always stay out of the lava in order to win. However, staying over the bubbling lava is actually a big challenge because there is just a limited space in which the circles can move. Furthermore, if someone hits walls or ceilings, he will soon bounce elsewhere. What’s more, the lava is gradually rising towards the circles.
  • One interesting thing is about the timing. Each round normally lasts about 10 seconds and the players need to balance their own strategies for surviving and attacking. In case that they play defensively, the round might happen in 15 seconds. If they show their aggressiveness, 5 seconds will be added. 
  • Ah, don’t miss following the social network to get new updates for You can see some icons of Twitter and YouTube that have links to the creator. Additionally, the links to the Reddit page and Discord chat permit the players to communicate with each other. Although there are only two servers including Europe and North America, I’m sure that you can face up with numerous competitors.
  • In sum, you never feel bored when playing though it features only 5 players in every round. What you should do is to overcome each opponent and become the final survivor during this game. And don’t ask for any tips or tricks because all depend on your quick judgment when guiding the circle. Play as much as you possibly can and then explore a good strategy for yourself. No time for waiting! Enjoy and have fun, guys!

Tips and tricks

The only trick that you can use is to move your mouse towards other players or walls and tap continuously so that your circle can bounce above the lava. It’s also an ideal way to kill your enemies quickly.

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