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About is an interesting online flash web space-shooter game. The game is designed so that you can compete against other players online.

In this game, you control an odd-looking round spaceship. Your goal here is to destroy the other player spaceships and achieve a high score.

The interesting thing about this game is that if you hold the mouse, you’ll fire more powerful shots. However, you need to choose the perfect firing angle because your ship as well as other players’ ships will move automatically. You can also use an ability that lets you speed up when you’re in a difficult situation, but you can’t use it continuously.

You should be careful of the meteorites in the map as they can block your shots. You’ll see that when you’re shooting, you kind of have a first-person perspective which gives it more appeal for players.

The game has other features to support the player such as being able to choose a skin for your ship (the skins you can obtain by completing missions), name your ship... There is also an online leaderboard that shows the top 10 players with the highest scores in the game to increase competitiveness between players.

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How To Play :

  • Use left mouse to shoot. Hold it to make your shots more powerful.
  • Use right mouse to speed up.

Tips and Tricks :

  1. Aim and hold the mouse to fire precise and powerful shots.
  2. Use of the meteorites to cover yourself from enemy fire.
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