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Sharks can shoot a laser. Believe it or not, guys? Try landing on and you will experience this strange phenomenon instantly.

Truly, all the sharks here are normal creatures. And their back is equipped with a special device that can help them shoot the laser. Sounds awesome, right? Just notice that you have to wait a short time so that your shark can charge to fire. Of course, it’s not easy to shoot down other sharks instantly because they swim all the times. So, the most important thing is to practice a lot. Until you feel confident in your shooting ability, start acting.

At the same time, bear in mind to dodge over other attacks to protect your shark’s life. Whenever seeing anyone stops, be quick to run away by boosting your shark’s speed or he might get shot.

Aside from killing the others, don’t forget that you need to evolve your shark like playing or Guide him to swim around and eat fishes. But since these fishes can swim as well, you need to be swift-handed and quick-eyed to catch them. The more fishes your shark eats, the stronger and meaner he will be. Got it?

In addition, this action helps to increase both important bars including Energy and Level. As you know, the Energy bar is good to help the shark increase his speed while the Level bar helps him evolve. What’s more, it’s necessary to improve your position on the leaderboard. And don’t forget that you need to maintain this high rank as long as possible.

And now, will you have enough confidence to undertake this challenge and support your shark till he becomes the strongest and biggest one in Here is a great chance to test your quickness and cleverness, guys! Don’t miss it at any cost. PLAY and wish you luck!

How to control

  • Move the mouse cursor to guide the shark.
  • Press Spacebar to charge and then shoot the laser.
  • Click on the left mouse to increase the shark’s speed.

Tips and tricks

  1. At the beginning, just focus on eating the fishes.
  2. Only boost the speed for necessary situations because it might decrease the shark’s energy.
  3. Don’t charge the laser if you’re going to boost the speed.
  4. When being chased by someone from behind, you should shoot towards rocks so that the laser can bounce back and damage your opponent.


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