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If you’re accustomed to the more relaxed options such as, you might fall into a tough time when playing at first. It’s considered as a hyper-aggressive game in spite of having a simple interface. However, both games have the same objective is that players have to develop a worm or a circle as bigger as possible. In my opinion, the character of this game looks like a slug or a ghost than the worm. So, let’s call it “Slug”, okay? Or if you have another cool nickname, be free to title it.

How to control

  • The mouse cursor is the main control of the slug. That’s why you need to keep it tight in order to adjust better. Then move your cute slug to grab available orbs surrounding the screen. Depending on each orb, you can get six or five points. But, don’t worry too much because your main first task is to eat as much as possible. And don’t mind getting through others without getting hurt.
  • Whenever coming to the number of 30, try tapping the left mouse to release slime that can let other players stuck and die right away. As a new update, the slime is considered as either the most dangerous thing or a helpful support to attack the opponents depending on your way of use. However, whenever activating it, you will lose 10 points. And if you tap the left mouse continuously, your slug will dwindle soon. So, you need to plan a good strategy to intercept the opponent well and release the slime at the right time.
  • As soon as you defeat your enemy, remember to turn back and gather their points. For example, if your opponent had 500 points, you should be quick to grab all before other snapper-ups do. The bigger your enemies are, the higher points you can collect. But, please ensure you have the best strategy; otherwise, you are just their meal. In addition, be careful of the playground’s border and try not to touch it when wandering around.
  • If you think that is an easy game of moving and collecting the orbs, its speed will knock you down right away. What you have to do is to own a good skill to survive and rule this world by getting the top place of the leaderboard. Still hesitate to find an interesting game for your free time, just play it right here or on any Android  units to have fun, guys!

Tips and tricks

  1. Slither near huge slugs since they will be killed soon. Then you can take their orbs to increase the size.
  2. Avoid going behind your enemies because you have no space for moving.
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