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About is a puzzle game that would be quite familiar for most internet users. The game has been designed to play like the default minesweeper game on Windows XP. However, this game allows players to play online on the flash web alongside other players.

You start off the game on a really huge map with many little squares. Hidden inside these squares could either have or not have a mine. Your only objective is to avoid the squares that have mines inside and get the highest score possible when all the squares have been uncovered.

When you uncover a square, you’ll see a number appearing from it. This number indicates the number of mines that are in the surrounding squares and from there you have to predict which squares have mines inside.  

Whenevr you uncover a square, 1 of these scenarios could occur:

  • If that square doesn’t contain a mine, you’ll get 1 point.
  • If an entire area doesn’t have mines, you’ll receive points equal to the number of squares in that area.
  • If that square has a mine, you’ll lose 10 points.
  • If when you think that a square has a mine but it turns out that it’s false then you’ll lose 1 point.
  • If when you think that a square has a mine and it turns out to be true then you’ll receive 1 point.
  • The game also has other features to support the player like buying a flag using Gold, naming your character, choosing a server...

If you like this game then there are also other similar games that you can play such as Super Minecheck, Catch and Farm…

How To Play:

  • Click the left mouse on the square that you think doesn’t have a mine.
  • Click the right mouse on the square that you think has a mine.

Tips and Tricks:

  1. Pay attention to numbers on the squares to know the number of mines on the surrounding squares.
  2. The smaller the number on the square, the lower the chance of you uncovering mines on the surrounding squares.
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