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About Munera

Be ready to join a deadly combat and fight against players across the world to become the best one in Munera (or called with an insane name of the blood sports of ancient Rome)? Of course, nothing can obstruct your step. Enter its main screen and show what you have now!

How to play

  • You are able to use both keyboard (WASD) and mouse or only the mouse to handle this game. Then take a look at 5 different characters including Wizard, Knight, Ranger, Orc, and Ogre. Each offers distinct abilities and skill; for example, the Knight can move fast and has a moderate damage while the Wizard can attack monsters effectively. As a beginner, feel free to choose any character you want. After playing a long time, you will find out which one is the best for you.
  • Now, it’s time to accomplish the game’s big request. Since you’re in the .io world, acquiring one of the top places on the ranking is a must. Depending on each different character, try to take advantage of their ability and skill to kill as many monsters as possible. Move the mouse and tap continuously to defeat them before they can counter attack. Make sure you always observe a blue bar on the left side and hit on Spacebar/the right mouse when it’s full in order to perform the skill. And don’t worry because the bar will be auto-refilled for your next attack.
  • Additionally, you need to take care of your LIFE. Whenever your health’s indication drops down, be quick to travel around adungeon and collect everything such as hearts, yellow orbs, etc. to increase your health. In case that your health is full, collecting more hearts will help your character get bigger.
  • Except for finishing off the monsters, don’t miss killing other players or chasing and attacking King Wraith to increase your scores. Be careful when fighting against both enemies. It’s because they don’t have any idea to attack you at first. But, if you try provoking them, especially the King Wraith, he will countercharge fiercely.
  • Although Munera is actually a simplified version of, it’s quite fun to play for many hours without feeling bored.Don’t hesitate anymore, guys! Come here and ENJOY now!

Tips and tricks

  1. At the very first beginning, you should use both the keyboard and mouse to help your character move and attack easily and quickly.
  2. The King Wraith always stays in the middle of the dungeon.
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