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What could be more fantastic than showing your football skill in a very new .io game, called! Do you think that how many goals you can score in a match? Will you acquire the highest points and climb up to the top? Play to know now!

How to play

  • Since this game is similar to playing football, the main objective is to control a ball and try to push it into the opponent’s goal.
  • You MUST fight on all sides to catch the ball and try your best to hold it before hitting the ball towards the opponent’s goal successfully. Of course, the opponents won’t permit you to carry out with ease.
  • Therefore, you need to know how to use your Nitro Boost in order to come across the opponents. Via looking for and eating shining spots surrounding field, you are able to fulfill the Nitro Boost and then use it for increasing the speed. Aside from gathering these spots, you need to show your football skills to keep, move, and kick the ball. And always remember that you’re playing as a team, so the most important thing is to support your teammates and prevent other opponents from catching the ball.
  • For each successful goal, your team will receive 1 score. The more scores your team gets, the higher chances your team can win. Since every match limits the time, make sure you and your teammates perform quickly to get the best result.
  • One interesting thing that you can receive from most of the .io games is to create your own playground. This permits you to ask your best friends so that all jump into a private place and play together. Look at the top of the welcoming screen, click on Create Team button, get a link and send it to your friends now. In addition, if you want to save your best statistics after each match, you should create an account via signing in with Facebook or Google+.
  • It’s time to enjoy and acquire the top position with the best result! Good luck to you, all game addicts!


  • Movement – the mouse cursor
  • Speed – the left mouse
  • Brake – Spacebar
  • Camera – C
  • Zoom – the mouse wheel

Tips and tricks

  1. As a newbie, you should choose the Normal mode instead of playing the Classic one.
  2. After scoring a goal, the ball will be placed in the middle of the field. Be quick to move towards there in order to catch the ball sooner than the others.
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