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If you are in love with .io racing game, don’t miss exploring Developed by Totebo Games, this cool playground definitively brings you to an interesting 2D environment with multiple racers from all across the world.

Are you willing to participate with us? Here we go!

How to play

  • Instead of controlling supercars, you will direct a particular shape and race against other players in order to acquire a noble title – The Best Racer of
  • Let’s familiarize yourself with the left/right mouse or the left/right arrow keys on the keyboard so that you can steer your shape as you wish. Avoid pressing one button for a long time or your shape will turn around and cannot steer well. Also, remember that your shape has no brake while racing.
  • After knowing thoroughly, let’s start conquering the track via racing around the circuit and passing all the checkpoints. But, easier said than done because the longer you run, the more challenging things appear. Therefore, you need to have excellent reactions and great control to overcome.
  • If you pass each checkpoint successfully, you will receive some cool power-ups. One of the easy-to-get power-up is to boost your speed. Sound great, right? Be careful of both sides of the track because you might meet troubles while at the high speed. And bear in mind that if you unluckily touch it, the game will be over instantly. Plus, you should watch out for other players who luckily acquire bombs from the game. Since you have no idea of who owns the bomb, the best thing is to avoid them.
  • Another vital thing that you should know is to try to gain a certain amount of money from showing your racing ability. For instance, if you pass one checkpoint or kill one player, you can add a bit of money to the trunk. As long as you fulfill the trunk, you will move forward to the next level.
  • And in case you overcome more and more levels, you will soon discover tons of awesome things such as customizing your shape, unlocking new shapes, and so on. Wonderfully, you easily find and download on the mobile device.
  • Time to give this fantastic racing game a try and see how many scores you can gain! 

Tips and tricks

  1. To avoid touching the sides of the track, you need to control the shape turn early in order to start a perfect drift.
  2. If you want to turn left, make sure you are in the middle or on the left side. Relying on that, you can turn with ease.
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