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Be prepared to discover a wonderful underwater world and dominate it with your large army of fishes? If yes, tap PLAY button on the main screen of right now!

Start with a single and small anglerfish  like playing at the beginning. But, stop thinking that you have to evolve it into the bigger one. All you need to do is to increase your opportunities of survival by eating the food and other dead fishes around the ocean and amass an army with smaller sea creatures to protect you. As the game develops, your army will keep progressing and the quantity will determine the score.

Keep in mind that when developing your own army, you should beware of other opponents' groups because they might attack you unexpectedly. In case that you want to confront them, make sure your main anglerfish is safe because she will NOT move when you’re attacking. As soon as she dies, your army will be scattered and your creatures are made available for the others. Except for colliding with other players during the game, don’t forget to fight against jellyfish to help yourself get a pufferfish, which does a great job of protecting you.

Last but not least, you need to grow a considerable sized army before taking out other groups or the jellyfish since the more food and dead fishes you eat, the more health and new fishes you have. Relying on that, you can boost your score and rule the ocean in the soonest time.

No time for waiting! Enter here and have fun!

How to play

The mouse cursor is to direct the anglerfish to move around. To attack, click the left mouse or W button. To merge other creatures, click the right mouse or Spacebar.

Tips and Tricks

  1. The slowest yet safest method is a passive farming. That means you need to avoid other players as much as possible while eating more food floating around the map and gathering the neutral fishes. As a newbie to this game, you should try this technique.
  2. The next way is to follow some powerful players and wait until they have a combat with the others. No matter what they win or not, be quick to grab their fishes. Just use this method when you have nothing.
  3. The final way is to simulate a prey to the opponent with its large army. Then run towards the others and let them attack each other. Make sure you observe everything at first; otherwise, you might be their target.
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