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Paint.IO Teams


About Paint.IO Teams:

Developed by GAMEE, Paint.IO Teams is a platform game with modern graphics and simple gameplay. In this game, you can win by painting the whole surface of the game with the color of your character. Other online players will be playing as well, and they will try to trail off your color with theirs’s too. But you can destroy your opponent by touching their color trail. Try and paint the whole platform with your color as fast as you can.

Upgrade your skill, steal people’s land, hit the goal and become a winner. While you are playing, beware of other players trying to touch your color trail, so make sure the box you just formed is not too big or too small, both can become a disadvantage. If you lose, don’t get discouraged. Instead, try playing again to practice your trailing skill. And if playing multiple times doesn’t feel enough, you can always try to cut off other player’s trails and disqualify them right away.

Paint.IO Teams is a well-designed and intuitive online game to be enjoyed with multiple players. Boost your creativity and agility with this game by joining millions of online players now.

How to play:

  • Use control arrows to move

Tips and tricks:

  1. Kills off your opponent to make the game easier
  2. Form a big box and close it to fill color faster

Paint.IO Teams Unblocked:

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