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Eat to become bigger and eat to become the winner! Just set your feet on the main screen of and then you will visit a very cool playground, all .io gamers. No matter how long you’re in this world, I bet you won’t take your eyes off the screen until attaining the highest score.

How to play

First of all, you should make acquaintance with a very new character. He is a colorful cell with a special mouth on it. Then continue observing another dashed circle surrounding him. If you guide your cell to move around and eat as many dots as possible, he will be bigger and bigger. Until he fits the dashed circle, you will advance to a new level. After that, the dashed circle will become bigger while your cell turns to the small size.

What next? Continue moving around and gathering the dots, of course. Make sure the dashed circle is becoming larger and larger. Relying on that, you are able to protect your cell as well as attacking other opponents effectively. But, remember not to come close to any higher-level players or you will be kicked out of the game instantly. The best action is to focus on those who have the small dashed circle than you. Got it?

In addition, this game gives you a special capacity in order to get away from the dangerous enemies at the right moment. Try holding the mouse and then release it so that your cell can run at a high speed. However, you should not abuse it because the more you hold the mouse, the more dots you will lose. So, just use it for emergency cases.

Last but not least, don’t forget to acquire the top spot on the leaderboard (follow your progress on the left side of the screen). It can be said that this is the biggest objective that anyone must gain when playing any .io games. So, let’s display your skillfulness and carefulness to turn your cell to the fastest, strongest and biggest one in, guys!

There is no time for hesitation! TAKE ACTION now!

Tips and tricks

  • Watch out everywhere because the bigger opponents can appear and attack suddenly.
  • The bigger your cell is, the quicker it moves around.
  • Whenever you’re near the next level, just concentrate on eating and not chase anyone.
  • Follow social networks (YouTube or Discord) to unlock new skins for your mouth.
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