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Survive as long as possible and don’t get jammed in! Will you complete with the highest scores, all game addicts? Fill your name and tap PLAY button right away!

How to play

  • Before starting, please join a Tutorial . As a fan of .io games, you might feel weird because you never see this support in any games, right? However, what you should do is to welcome it as your first challenge. Follow Jamlover, a big and friendly character. He will instruct you how to jump, eat necessary and delicious pies around the map, avoid dangers and how to recover your health. Just take a couple of minutes and then you will begin your survival.
  • Use the mouse to direct your character towards the blocks of pies. Remember that the more blocks you eat, the more calories you can receive. But, be alert of dangerous enemies flying above and dropping bombs. They seem to be everywhere to attack you as well as other players. Get away from them as soon as possible; otherwise, you will be jammed in their attack and die. Besides, always look after your health by eating healing pies and then jump into a hole for recovering. Avoid staying at a low energy for too long because you might become the others’ prey, especially those with a bigger size.
  • Except for eating the yummy pies, you should collect available items around the map. Don’t worry if missing them because the game will remind you by showing a small message in the center of the screen. Keep in mind that these items are quite important in attacking the enemies.

Useful information for the final victory

  1. Let’s check Daily Quest (on the main screen) at first! With a total of 25 small challenges, you have to complete each to get big rewards. For example, the first request is to defeat 25 players in any round to receive 200 coins. Got it? However, the trouble is that each challenge just has a limited time. So, you must finish quickly. In case that you collect a considerable number of coins, please enter SHOP to buy some necessary stuff including Lunchboxes, XP Boost, Skins, and Items Boost. Additionally, don’t miss a free Spin with awesome things when combing back to play every day.
  2. If you are accustomed to play, a famous survival .io game, don’t miss enjoying new and interesting things in Feel free to download it on any device and get more fun!
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