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Welcome to the main screen of, all game addicts! Are you prepared to support a small piranha to survive in a huge ocean as long as possible? If you used to attain the top position in, I believe that you can do well. So, down here to see some interesting things!

At first, type a cool nickname and then select one of two available modes including Classic and No Powerups. In my opinion, the Classic mode is more exciting since you can get awesome features from the game. Now, let’s guide your piranha to swim around the ocean and look for swimmers to eat. Besides, don’t miss grabbing some available gifts in order to own cool power-ups such as Turbo (swim quicker), Lightning (shoot down any enemy, big or small), Aquarium (protect from external attacks), Dive (dodge the enemies’ attacks), Laser (kill everything) and Ice Beam (freeze the enemies awhile).

Thanks to these power-ups, even if your piranha is still small, you can defeat the bigger ones. However, make sure you collect some before other enemies catch you. Otherwise, you are able to activate Speed Boost to get away from them immediately. Is there anything special? Well, why don’t you try changing some of the unique skins for your piranha? Tap on a “fish” icon and pick up the one you like best.

As a loyal fan of .io games, you are no stranger to its gameplay, right? Kill to stay alive and then climb up to the top position on the leaderboard. Feel confident to acquire the best result? Enter and wish you luck!

How to play

The mouse cursor is to direct the piranha whilethe left mouse is to use the Speed Boost. Spacebar is to activate Power-ups.

Some tips and tricks

  1. Avoid other bigger piranhas at any cost as they will kill you no matter what. Certainly, you won’t be blissful about it.
  2. Search for groups of swimmers and gobble up them to grow. The smaller fishes are your best meal as well.
  3. Don’t abuse Power-ups, just activate them whenever facing up to the big enemies.
  4. Be careful of your piranha’s size. When attaining a certain amount, its body will reset. That’s why you need to stop eating to avoid turning back to the small size.
  5. In this situation, attacking other fishes by using Power-ups is the best way to increase your position on the leaderboard.
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