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For the first time of playing, you definitively recognize that there are some differences between this game and the others. Be curious to discover what they are? Here we come!

How to play

First of all, don’t expect that this cool game is a battle or anything. And there are no monsters, weapons or towers. So, what will attract you to land on its main screen and play until the end?

Truly, is a fantastic drawing game that you’re allowed to draw anything on a large canvas. If you have any cool idea, let’s start now.

Look! This game offers a variety of colors at the bottom of the screen. Grab your mouse, do a left-click on any color you want and then select a suitable place on the canvas to draw. Please keep in mind that you only put one pixel at a time and wait for seconds to continue. In case that you want to replace any pixel, the waiting time will be longer.

In addition, don’t forget to take advantage of other keys on the keyboard to support you best. For instance, scrolling the mouse is helpful to zoom in and out. If you want to move around, just use the mouse and drag or click on WASD or arrow keys. Or press Spacebar or G to toggle grid.

And that’s all for the gameplay of

However, the most interesting thing is that you are able to play with other gamers who have the same hobby with you online. Or if you want to create any special masterpiece with your close friends, just COPY the link and send it to them. Sounds interesting, right?

Another interesting thing is that you can come back to the game and continue performing your unfinished piece of work. So, don’t worry if you are busy to do anything. Just return and finish, okay?

So, please tell me what you will do right now. Draw a cat, a castle, a robot, your country’s flag or just your name on the canvas? No matter what you are going to perform, DO IT NOW.

Let’s show the others who are drawing the impressive image and hope you have fun with, guys!

Tips and tricks

You must know that asking for friends to play together is quite important since the union is the most power thing in Associate with your friends to create awesome pictures on the canvas and try to dominate this playground.

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