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Based on the traditional hand game of Rock-paper-scissors , seems to be more interesting. Instead of using your hand to form three different shapes and playing with one person, you have a big chance to experience an exciting chasing and escaping game with tons of people all over the world.

How to play

  • First of all, type a cool name and choose a shape you want including scissors, rock or paper. Make sure you know each shape has particular strength and weakness. For instance, the rock easily smashes the scissors, but it can be covered by the paper. So, if you select the rock to play, be careful of the appearance of the paper.
  • Similar to the mechanism of or, you just direct the shape to move around a big area for collecting as many orbs as possible. This action is known as the simplest way to gain a high spot on the leaderboard. Additionally, attacking other shapes is another good way. However, always remember what I’ve said above or you will be sent back to the welcoming screen instantly.
  • Aside from wandering around for gathering the orbs, don’t miss acquiring some awesome letters to get special extras such as becoming bigger, getting a small size yet move extremely fast, be invisible for some seconds, etc. Besides, be wise to use a special dash when you need to attack anyone or run away. What’s more, you can receive a series of great additions including cooldown reduction, dash distance, and extra life if having a certain number of orbs. Sounds great, right?
  • Last but not least, you should create an account or sign up with Facebook to save the best result after each turn. And it’s quite fun to show it to your friends and challenge them to play this game together.
  • Do you think that you can be on top in like what you’ve done in other .io games? Prove it by illustrating the best result and I’m sure you will get more exciting moments with this cool game!


  • Movement – the mouse cursor
  • Dash – the right mouse
  • Cooldown reduction – Q
  • Extra life – W
  • Dash distance – E
  • Cooldown reset on contact – R (requires level 4)

Tips and tricks

  1. The bigger shape you get, the slower you can move around.
  2. For each use of dash, be quick to obtain many orbs to recharge.
  3. No matter how larger your shape is, never attack your foes.
  4. Try to upgrade the cooldown reduction prior to improving the remaining ones.
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