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If you prefer survival games in the .io world, will be your best choice at this time. Instead of playing on the ground, you will start on a raft in the middle of the ocean. Feel excited to try, guys? There we come!

Similar to other .io games, you should know that attaining the first position on the scoreboard is extremely important. But, before setting your feet to there, make sure to keep your main character’s life as long as possible.

Take a look at Nutrition and Hydration bars below! Your first task is to maintain them as long as possible. It’s because if one of them reaches 0, the game will be over instantly.

So, how to keep these bars?

View available tools on the left screen and select the Fishing Rod (get food and grab items on the ocean), the Water Maker (make potable water), and the Grill. Combining all three tools will give you enough food and water to survive.

Aside from maintaining both important bars, you need to carry out other necessary actions. For instance:

  • To move around, you need to have an oar to row the raft.
  • To attack other opponents, you need a bow and arrows.
  • To protect your character, please pick up a wooden shield or wooden gloves.
  • And so on.

Make sure you choose the tools quickly and accurately to prevent any danger from other players or even dangerous creatures in this game like sharks. In addition, don’t miss grabbing available items on the ocean so that you are able to craft necessary items. Plus, don’t forget to enlarge your raft to protect better.

Another interesting thing is that you might associate with other players as a team. Or you can create your own team and ask for others to join.

Generally, it depends on your preference. Play solo or with other players, choose one and try to survive in as long as possible. Good luck to you!

How to control

  • Tap on WASD or arrow keys to guide the character to move.
  • Click on the left mouse to interact with the game.
  • Hit F to pick up the items.
  • Press number keys to use the items.
  • Scroll the mouse to zoom the screen.

Tips and tricks

  1. Eating raw fishes provides less nutrition. So, it’s best to use the Grill to cook it.
  2. Grab leaves to craft ropes.
  3. Use bandages to restore the character’s health.
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