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Jump into and prove you’re the best sharp shooter by shooting down all the players and gaining the best positions on the leaderboard. Think that you will take another victory in a new shooting .io game on our site? If you believe in yourself, tap on “Play” button and enjoy now!

As a ranger, your main task is to kill as many enemies as possible. Move around, jump and fly in order to catch the enemies and then aim and shoot down them by using your available gun. Additionally, collecting other powerful weapons such as pistols, rifles, etc. is quite necessary. Since you can carry two weapons at the same time, remember to make use of it in order to develop the damage. Especially, this game also offers a jetpack that is useful for getting away from hostile enemies or chasing them. But, don’t forget to collect enough gasoline to activate the jetpack.

One interesting thing when playing this gameis that you can experience different maps consisting of Dark Forest, Eclipse, High Rule Jungle, Punk Fallout, and Evil Underground. Be free to create your own room and invite your friends to play together or just land on a certain server to begin your own battle. Over and above, choosing your preferred Game Mode and Gun Mode makes your battle more fascinating. In case you want to attain the final victory in the soonest time, you can login via social network such as Facebook, Twitter or Google in order to buy Premium.

In a word, what you should do in is to show your excellent shooting capacity and then ascend the highest rank on the leaderboard. Do you yearn to finish this game with the best result? Don’t be undecided anymore! Play instantly!

How to control

Hit A and D keys to move around. Tap W to jump. Click on the right mouse or hold SHIFT to fly. Move the mouse cursor to aim and press the left mouse to shoot. Hit R to reload and Q to change the weapons.

General tips and tricks

  1. Always moving, flying and shooting as quickly as you possibly can.
  2. To kill the enemies soon, aim for their head since you can carry out the most damage there.
  3. In case you’re being hunted by someone, try flying as much as possible because it’s hard to do a headshot.
  4. Change your weapons frequently in order to find the best one for attacking the enemies.
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