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Hello a new day with a new fast-paced multiplayer robot shooting game, all .io addicts! Are you ready to confront this challenge and enjoy an awesome 3D environment? There we come!

At first, the game will automatically assign you to one among four teams including Red, Blue, Green, and Orange. Your chief goal is to bring your team to the last victory by taking control of certain areas and defeating all other robots from the opposing teams at the same time.

And now, begin to control your robot to move around and look for the prescribed areas. Let him stay here for seconds to make this place your team’s own. However, it’s not easy because your opponents are everywhere and they have the same task as you. Therefore, always watch out and shoot hard whenever anyone comes close to you.

If you kill the opponent successfully, XP points will be added. Try to own a large number of XP points and then spend it on purchasing useful upgrades in the Shop. This allows you to improve the robot in the best condition.

Another important thing that you should know is that the robot can use both weapons simultaneously. Don’t miss grabbing and trying any available weapon in order to find out the best one for your shooting style. What’s more, if your robot is damaged, be quick to bring him to small repair cabins at every corner of the battleground. Relying on that, he can recover his power and continue fighting. 

So, you don’t want to miss this awesome fight, do you? Set your feet on the main screen of and start battling right now! Hope you succeed soon, guys!


How to control

  • WASD keys are to guide the robot to move.
  • Shift is to use the shield.
  • Spacebar is to carry out a dash.
  • The left and right mouse is to use the left and right weapons.
  • E is to change the weapon.
  • B is to enter the Shop.

Tips and tricks

  1. Take advantage of walls on the battleground as a cover.
  2. Don’t forget to activate the Shield for emergency cases.
  3. If you’re close to the opponents, using a shotgun is ideal.
  4. If you want to bounce off walls and permits indirect kills, just avail grenades. But, be careful when using them because you can be influenced as well.
  5. If you want to slow down your opponents while you’re taking control of the area, just utilize the flamethrower.
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