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About is a flash web space shooter game. The game appeals to the player by its superior graphics compared to other online games, and the gameplay is both action battle and unique strategy.

When entering the game, you will be selected one of two types of ships including Rocket and Chain Gun. Once you have selected your spacecraft, you will be brought into the battle zone as a large universe. Here you will have to fight with other players and especially there will be planets scattered throughout the universe. And in each battle, you have 15 minutes to win against the enemy.

Your task is to capture all of these planets to win even before the end of the battle. You just fly your spaceship near the planet and wait for a minute to capture it. In case of over time, the system will determine winners based on the number of planets the party will capture more and the number of kill more parties will win.

Your craft is capable of firing missiles, use them to destroy enemy ships. You should also pay attention to your HP bar, when hit or hit the planets too strong will lose HP, when the HP to 0 means you lost 1 kill.

You can also build structures, but this requires you to have SPs. There are 3 types of structures, including Mining Rig, to build you need 120 SPs. Landing Pad, to build you need 220 SP and Missile Turret, to build you need 150 SP.

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How To Play:

  • Use WASD or arrow keys to control the space ship.
  • Click Space to fire bullets.
  • Press Enter to chat.
  • Press ESC to open Menu.

Tips and Tricks:

  1. Capture planets by landing on them and waiting for the circle to fill with your team's color.
  2. Collect SP by capturing planets and destroying enemies.
  3. Build structures with your metal by landing on a planet you control.


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