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Rolling City


About Rolling City:

Rolling City is an extremely interesting physic arcade game. In this game, your mission is to control a cool block to roll around the city and ruins everything. When you begin, you can choose one of four different round shape shapes to start the game. Initially, the size of the circle was quite small, and its destructive power could only destroy small objects such as lampposts or trees. Later, when you have accumulated enough points, the size of the ball will increase, and you can ruin more significant objects.

Just like that, you will roll the ball for the rest of the game and level everything in the city. The operation of this game is quite simple. You just move the mouse in the direction you want the ball to roll and conquer every round in this game.

There are 24 levels for you to explore. The higher the level, the larger the area of ​​the city and the more objects it has in the city. This game requires ingenious and agile mobility of players. Let's play and experience!

How to play:

  • Click and hold the mouse button to roll the ball in the wanted direction.
  • Use the arrow keys to speed up.

Tips and Tricks:

  1. Do not miss any objects that you meet on the way that the ball rolls over as they will help you gain more points.
  2. Please practice and become familiar with game manipulation to conquer this game quickly.

Rolling City Unblocked:

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