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About requires a high level of skillfulness in controlling a small ball to complete a challenging track. Are you confident to carry out this tough task? And do you think that you can finish sooner than other opponents? Land on here and start now!

First, take a look at 7 different skins of balls and pick up the first one. Until you finish each level successfully, the remaining skins will be unlocked. Got it?

As landing on the main screen, the game will give you a general view of the track. It includes stationery and books that are placed on desks. Then, turn back to the starting point and begin your race with the ball now. Guide it to slide carefully and jump if necessary to avoid falling into the desk below. Actually, you need to practice a lot or your ball might return to the latest checkpoint.

Keep in mind that the checkpoint is extremely important. With 7 ones on the track, you have to grab all to save your progress as well as your collected coins.

Gathering the coins is also vital. Of course, you can easily discover them on the track when rolling. Try to grab as many as you possibly can, okay? What’s more, don’t miss catching some weapon boxes because they are useful for shooting other opponents.

Since you’re in the .io world, facing up lots of enemies is obvious. To prevent their attack, make sure you know how to use the weapons or other tricks on the way to take them down. However, be cautious because they can do the same thing. What’s more, please notice that you have to come to the finishing point within 5 minutes or less than. If you’re one of the three persons who reach there, you will be the winner.

The last interesting thing that I quite enjoy when playing is the stunning 3D environment. It makes me feel like I’m guiding the ball virtually. Sounds great, right?

So, if you are interested in what I’ve mentioned above, don’t hesitate anymore. Jump on and relish awesome moments now!

How to control

  • Guide the ball to travel around – WASD or arrow keys
  • Jump – Spacebar
  • Shoot – Ctrl

Tips and tricks

  1. To overcome high walls, please step backward, roll with a high speed and jump continuously.
  2. After completing every map, you can select other available maps in a vote box to continue experiencing.
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