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Have you ever thought that becoming a hacker is an easy job? In fact, it might be difficult since the world of hacking is mysterious and dangerous. However, when taking up with, a unique game in our long list of .io games, you will have a different thought of the hacker. Be curious? Down here to catch some interesting things!

Ways to become the best hacker

  • Don’t worry because the game will showa couple of useful instructions in the Tutorial. Let’s start by choosing a gamer in the Target List. Then tap on the red button of Hack and pick up one of three ports you want to hack. A black and small board appear on the side of the screen with the highlighted words. Time to put your hands on the keyboard and type all the words until getting 100% for a bar.
  • Congratulation because you completed the Tutorial and hacked your first opponent. Next, leave him/her a message on his/her profile so that other players can see. Later, enter Black Market, where you can purchase different kinds of data miners that create more BT coins. And your main objective is to gain as many BT coins as possible. Got it?
  • Additionally, you need to take care of your three firewalls including A, B, and C in the My Computer. Since other hackers can attack you, always buy Charges for each firewall so that they can protect you well. But, if any goes down zero, the hacker can enter your base and steal theBT coins. And when any hacker is trying to defeat your firewalls, just click on their name at the bottom and hack back. Make sure you have to be agile in coding the assigned words than someone is hacking you. Always remember that the more BT coins you get, the more Data Miners and Charges will be updated. Relying on that, your rank will be improved on the Target List. Try to attain one of the top three positions and a good profile of attacking the other players.
  • For the first time, you’re sure not to take your eyes off until gaining a title of the best hacker. With a one-of-a-kind concept, this game truly attracts a large number of gamers who also have a hobby about the digital world. Don’t hesitate anymore! Savor it instantly!

How to control

Tap the left mouse and type on the keyboard to play this interesting game.

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