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Aside from becoming a ruler of the sky, why don’t you try taking a journey through a deep ocean and help a little shark in What will you do in this game? Is there anything challenging than other .io games that you used to play? Land on there right away!

How to play

  • As I said above, your main objective is to support the small shark to become bigger and survive as long as possible. It sounds like, right? Instead of eating swimmers, different kinds of fishes and even other players with large sea creatures are the essential food chain of the shark. However, it’s not easy to move around and eat them because these fishes know what is dangerous and always dodge your attacks. So, you need to learn how to control your shark skillfully at first?
  • Of course, the more fishes you gobble up, the quicker you can level up. Observe two bars at the bottom of the screen to know clearly.Especially, some fishes bring amazing power-ups. For instance, the yellow ones will increase your speed while the green ones can heal your health. Additionally, when reaching the certain levels, the game instantly gives a couple of special abilities; for example, Aggressive upgrades can attack the others effectively. 
  • After eating the fishes and attaining a comparative size, you should start finding and attacking other players to level up quickly. Although you have to watch out other creatures which are larger, more dangerous, and powerful than your shark, the funny thing is that you can gradually attack them via swimming with a quick speed and bumping into them. So, don’t mind challenging yourself by taking down the school of Hammerheads since you will be greatly rewarded if completing successfully.
  • Generally speaking, what you carry out from the beginning to now is to help you attain the highest position on the leaderboard. Check who is on the top and then try your best to depose him/her. And don’t forget to check your performance after completing the game. How many fishes can you eat? How long can you survive and so on? If feeling unhappy with this result, just tap on Respawn button to play again.
  • Don’t hesitate anymore! Give your shark a cool name and enjoy now!

If you’re a fan of this type of game, there are also other similar games for you to play such as Earn To Die 2, Sprint Club Nitro, . . 

Tips and tricks

  1. Kill squids for more XP points.
  2. The best way to defeat other opponents is to attack from behind.
  3. Avoid small red fishes because they’re hostile.
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