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The .io world seems to be more amazing and fantastic under the 3D environment, right? After and, continuallybrings you to a new battle that you never join anywhere. If you have enough confidence, show off your ability now, all .io addicts!

How to play to gain the last victory?

  • In this game, your main task is to help a pilot protect his territory by shooting down hostile invaders. Move your cursor cleverly in order to manage a plane to hove in the air whilst tap on the left mouse or Spacebar to aim and fire. The more planes you shoot down, the more scores you earn.
  • Easier said than done! Controlling the plane is quite difficult as you’re a newbie. You might feel tough and take much time when steering or turning back or rotating. Practice a bit before joining the main fight, okay? And never come closer to islands below because there are many unknown cannons and they have a tendency to shoot everything.
  • Keep in mind that the most important position to protect your plane as well as attacking the enemies is to stay behind them. Relying on that, you are able to discover some incoming projectiles and then steer your plane for another safe direction. What’s more, you have a great chance to defeat them effectively.
  • In addition, don’t wait for collecting new weapons or potions like other shooting .io games. Stand on your own feet and then prove you’re the best shooter in this game with the highest score on the leaderboard.Don’t forget that the best rank is the most critical task that you have to accomplish well.
  • Since most of the .io game offers a small box, don’t miss getting in touch with numerous gamers across the world. Playing games is always a cool way to make new friends. So, take a look at the left screen and send your message now.
  • After all, are you ready to take control of There is no time for hesitating and waiting. Visit our site and ENJOY right away!Wish you luck and success!

Tips and tricks

  1. Never let anyone stay behind you.
  2. Avoid landing on small islands because you might crash into trees or be shot by cannons.
  3. Provoke other planes towards the islands and let the cannon shoot down them. Make sure you’re agile or you will be killed, too.
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