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Be tired of a long day full of tasks? Why don’t you clear your state of mind away by playing something enthusiastic? If you love enjoying an extreme battle with tons of aggressive enemies, don’t miss at this time. And after a couple of times, I’m sure you will soon add this game to your favorite list.

How to play

  • The first thing you need to understand thoroughly is to gain and maintain the top position on the ranking board. And the only action to complete this main task is to kill all people you catch on the way. Feel challenging? Don’t worry because I will guide you how to attain it?
  • Look at your slime, a small yet cute character, that is equipped with both basic weapons as a gun and katana . Make sure you spend a bit of time on practicing these weapons before joining the real battle. Later, show your cruelty because there are no good-nature players in this game. Shoot fiercely, cut hard anyone you catch and remember to dodge other attacks at the same time to protect your life.
  • When fighting against each other, you need to keep a keen eye on new weapons that can be found by chance. Try to grab as many as possible because they are used to boost your rate of fire. In addition, don’t forget to change your small slimes to the super one by eating DNA samples or killing other opponents to take their DNA. The reason why you must become the super slime is that you are able to wipe out a killing spree within seconds. 
  • In the .io world, it’s easy to create a private room so that you can enjoy the cool game with your best friends only. Just tap “Private Room” button, get a link and send it to them. You will be recognized that all are brought to the same arena. One more thing that you shouldn’t skip is to customize your own slime after completing each round. Imagine and then perform to have the nicest slime now.
  • So, what are you waiting for? Play on our site right now!


  • Movement – WASD or arrow keys
  • Gun – the left mouse
  • Katana – the right mouse
  • Reload – R or Shift
  • Dash – Spacebar

Tips and tricks

  1. Following colorful arrows on the screen helps you find the opponents with ease.
  2. Hide behind bushes if you’re being chased.
  3. A good skill that you should use is to dash the opponents before cutting them with the katana.
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