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As the latest online multiplayer .io game about fighting other players, monsters and survival, has soon become a magnet to the huge world of gamers. If you’re accustomed to play or, it’s not difficultto controlyour small yet cute character at the beginning.

Let’s find out its gameplay

  • The main tool to guide the character to move around is WASD or arrow keys. While the left mouse is to fight, the right mouse or X button is to block. Clear, right? Then learn how to get stronger and ways to survive in this world. Well, just collect necessary stuff and fight against hostile enemies.
  • At first, start moving to collect some colorful orbs surrounding. The more orbs you take, the more XP points you receive. Take a look at a small bar below and make sure to fulfill it quickly in order to level up. Certainly, fighting the opponents and monsters helps increase the XP bar. However, you need to observe other bars as blue (energy) and red (health) above the character’s head. If you’re constantly attacked, your energy will lose remarkably. And to recover it, find a safe place and rest a bit (avoid attacking, okay).
  • Continue studying 3 different kinds of Attributes including Defensive, Offensive and Special. The Defensive with three skills as Maximum Health, Health Regeneration, and Armor is to enhance your vitality so that you can survive longer. The Offensive is to enlarge your strength to kill other players and monsters quickly. It includes Attack Damage, Attack Speed, and Armor Penetration. Meanwhile, the Special is to improve other stats consisting of Movement Speed, Life Stealing, and Energy Regeneration. But, how do you know whether or not you can make use of these skills? Look the left side of the screen and explore a small board that displays all of them. And your task is to upgrade the XP points for the main bar to advance the skill and just tap on 1-9 to activate each skill.
  • Actually, you have to play a lot in order to determine which Attribute is suitable for your ability. You can use all at first; however, try to pick up one that can support you best. Relying on that, it’s easy to acquire the best result on two leaderboards like Top Player Killers and Top Levels. Time to overcome 32 Areas and more than 6 Tiers of monsters in! Hope you succeed in the soonest time!

Tips and tricks

  1. Avoid upgrading Armor Penetration and Speed at first, just activate it when confronting powerful opponents in the high levels.
  2. At the Arena 1, upgrading Health Regeneration is necessary.
  3. Don’t increase your health too quickly or you will become too big and then attract two monsters to come and eat you.
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