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About is an incredibly interesting action game. Though the graphics of this game is reminiscent of those from the other .io game, its play style and competitiveness is what gives it its appeal.

In this game, you control a small square on a big map fighting against other small squares controlled by players. You need to defeat them by jumping over their heads so that you’ll receive points.

The interesting thing about this game comes from the items that randomly appear on the map. These items will support you a lot while playing the game and there are many types with different uses such as:

  • Star: increases your score.
  • Lightning bolt: makes you spread lightning horizontally and vertically from the square that you’re standing on. Any square that gets hit by the lightning will die.
  • Fire: lets you double jump, with the first jump being especially far.
  • Bomb: lets you make a bomb that explodes on the 9 tiles around you and any square that gets caught will die.
  • Gun barrel: lets you fire 4 shots at the locations that you choose.
  • Triangle: teleports you to a random location.

The game has a leaderboard to increase the competitiveness between players. You can also change your character name and choose the server before you start a match.

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How To Play:

  • Use arrow keys or left mouse to move.
  • Use right mouse to jump.

Tips and Tricks:

  1. After you’ve jumped once, you’ll need to wait for a while before you can jump again.
  2. You should get the buff items near you to give yourself an advantage.
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