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About is a wonderful .io video game about Snakes! Do you know any game that brings in as many snakes as does? In this video game, you will be brought to an island, where the snakes take over. You will also take the role of a snake in this video game. You have to try your best to lengthen the snake’s size, as well as getting bigger than the other snakes. The method that leads to a wonderful result is eating as many foods around you as you can.
On the island, there are many other snakes that are controlled by players around the world. You can many people just like you, who are sitting behind the screen will contribute to the game world of You can either play the game peacefully and be friends with the other players, or try to attack them. You are able to attack the smaller snakes, but after, you will be attacked by the bigger ones.
As you enter your name in the name bar, you will see yourself appearing at the leaderboard, as long as you are good enough so you can be able to climb up the ladder. Let’s get ready for now and you will love it!

How to play:

  • The computer mouse helps you to navigate the snake.

Tips and tricks:

  1. You should not pump into the other players, or else, your snake will be affected in a very bad way.
  2. The snakes cannot swim so if you leave the island, then your snake with die and your game is over. Unblocked:

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