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Welcome to a new and fast-paced multiple .io game of! As its name suggests, you can find some similarities to the familiar Snake game that lots of players enjoyed on the Nokia mobile phones. Do you think that you can find both similar and different things when playing this game? Join and discover now!

How to play

  • As you know, any .io game has an easy-to-play-yet-hard-to-master gameplay. But, it doesn’t mean that you cannot complete the main task well, right? Follow me and see what you should do to win this game.
  • The first thing you need to know is to use WASD or the arrow keys to control the snake to move around. Make sure you are quick-eyed and swift-handed to help him because his speed is quite fast. The next thing is to collect as many colorful points as possible. So, the more points you get, the longer the snake is. And this also helps to increase your position on the leaderboard.
  • It is rather similar to the original Snake game, isn’t it? However, time to explore new and awesome things.
  • You should remember that is a large playground where lots of players from over the world are gathering. Hence, if you’re careless and touch any snake’s tail, the game will be over instantly.
  • The question is how you can protect your snake from the others. The best and only way is to trap other snakes and let them touch your tail. And to do well, make sure your snake is long enough. More importantly, you need to be skillful to guide the snake to run around the enemy and trap them well.
  • Last but not least if you want to enjoy on mobile phones, be quick to get it on Google Play.
  • And now is your show time. Play and see how best of length, time and kills you are able to attain in this cool game. Will it be an impressive number? Click on Classic Arena button and find your own result! Good luck to you!

Tips and tricks

  1. It’s okay if you touch your snake’s tail.
  2. You cannot go through borders or stay outside for a long time. If not, your snake will die.
  3. Try chasing and killing the snakes with the high scores so that you can increase your position better.
  4. Downloading via mobile or sharing through social networks will help you unlock more and more awesome skins.


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