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After an enormous success of, the .io game portal continually introduces a series of game with the similar gameplay. Amongst, seems to attract a large number of players across the world thanks to its main battlefield, outer space. And your major task is to ascend the top position on the leaderboard all the time.

But, how to control? Down here to know

  • Let’s start with a fleetof three ships while ships are small triangle shapes. Guide it by moving the mouse cursor on the screen. At the same time, remember to tap on Spacebar or the left mouse to shoot. Aim and shoot towards glowing objects to increase the number of ships and enhance the fleet. However, don’t forget that this game is a spatial fight and you need to fight against other fleets.
  • At the beginning, you need to carry out both to ensure your life. Shoot the objects to improve and shoot the enemies to stop their hostile attack. Beware of the size of your fleet since the bigger it is, the slower it moves. To ensure the fleet’s quality, I think you just collect about 20 – 30 ships so that you can move, dodge, zip around, and attack with ease. In case that a ship in your fleet is shot, it dies. But, don’t worry too much because you won’t be kicked off the game now. Everything is over when your fleet runs out the ships. If you unluckily lost some ships, just get away from there as soon as possible and then find some glowing objects to increase the number. Make sure you do quickly, okay?
  • One interesting thing that the cute game offers is Splitting (press S to activate). It’s quite useful when you’re attacked by a bigger enemy or numerous hordes. Split your fleet to run for life. Besides, be extremely careful of the Danger Zone, where has a red border. Whenever seeing its warning, you need to be fast to escape from there; otherwise, your ships will disappear bit by bit and the game is over.
  • The best strategy to defeat more and more enemies is to attack from behind when they are not looking out it. This makes the enemies feel difficult to react your quick action. Be agile to make use of this advantage for your first shot, guys! Now, it’s time to dominate the galaxy by acquiring the top rank on the leaderboard of Good luck to all!

Tips and tricks

  1. Try staying behind the enemies to send the best and accurate shots.
  2. Killing any player outside the leaderboard gives you 5 points.
  3. To the players inside the leaderboard, you will get points according to their rank. For example, 10th position is 10 points. From the 9th to 1st spot, just add 5 points for each.
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