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About SpaceLamb:

In this role-playing game, you need to help a lamb named Bishop return home. The task is not easy because there are endless junk and asteroids scattered in space that require you to dodge.

During the adventure through space in search of ideas, Bishop’s spaceship collided with an asteroid and been destroyed. Fortunately, he managed to keep his life but everything that he have collected during his adventures is scattered in orbit.

Your mission is to help Bishop return safely to Earth. To complete it, try to dodge all the obstacle such as asteroid, toxic items like barrels, junk, etc and collect items such as boxes, crystals, light bulbs, etc to earn points.

Using colourful three-dimensional graphics, users can interact with the game by using mouse, webcam or mobile phone.

Find a way to help lamb return to the office in one piece, unhurt and truly satisfied with his life!

Try not to run out of oxygen, otherwise the lamb is dead. Grab bonuses along the way and dodge meteors that steal your oxygen.

How to Play:

There are three choices of control to select: webcam, mouse and mobile.

  • Using the mouse - move your mouse side to side to control the lamb.
  • Webcam: control the lamb by using your head: move your head left, right, up and down to set the direction of movement of the Shopbi the Lamb.
  • Mobile: Scan a QR appearing on the screen and adjust your phone device to play.

Tips and Tricks:

  1. Every time you hit an asteroid, the oxygen bar decreases. Try to catch the blue capsules to restore your oxygen supply.
  2. Grab power-ups to score points!
  3. When facing symptoms such as distorted color, inverted control, all triple, try to catch the first aid kit to get rid of them.

SpaceLamb Unblocked:

  1. This addictive role-playing game is now available with its unblocked version on our gaming site! Come visit our site and have great enjoyment!
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