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Another interesting journey to the outer space is waiting for you, all .io fanatics. Will you join with me to discover new and awesome things? If your answer is yes, tap PLAY button on the main screen of now.

How to play

  • You’re given three different kinds of symbols including square, round, and triangle. At the beginning, you are free to start with any symbol you want. Move around the outer space via controlling the mouse cursor and then look for and eat small planets. Keep in mind that these small planets will help you welcome the new symbols such as a star, lozenge, oval, rectangular, etc.
  • Except collecting a large number of planets, defeating other enemies is necessary as well.

First, observe which symbol your opponent is. For instance, the square.

Be quick to turn your shape into the square if you’re in other symbols. Just a single left-click or Spacebar and then you can change with ease.

But, make sure you’ve supposed the opponent’s current symbol after they have supposed it. Or you will be a victim.

  • One certain thing is that killing the opponents helps you fulfill the bar quickly than only gathering the small planets. But, be careful, agile and clever to avoid being absorbed by other symbols.
  • As a newbie, it’s not easy for you to gain a spot on the leaderboard for sure. Since you’re here, I will tell you how to attain it. Keeping moving, keeping changing your symbols, and staying alert all the times, you MUST believe that you can do all three of actions at the same time. And you HAVE TO do it well or you’ll be killed and sent to the welcoming screen.
  • In addition, if you try sharing this cool game via Facebook or Twitter, you can get a fantastic skin for your own symbol.
  • Generally speaking, offers three fantastic features that every .io gamer loves including fast-paced battle, easy controls, and plenty of cool symbols. How long have you played this game? How many symbols have you opened? And which position on the leaderboard have you attained?
  • If you don’t mind sharing your best capacity in playing .io games, come here now. Not only can you enjoy the one-and-only but also experience tons of awesome games on this site.

Tips and tricks

  1. If you want to play in peace, just focus on eating the small planets and keeping off the opponents.
  2. If you are going to attack any symbol, use the mouse wisely to enhance your symbol’s speed. Relying on that, you can create a surprising and quick attack.
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