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Another war is going to happen in and I’m sure it’s more interesting and fantastic than or As a true fan of both games, are you curious? Click here and explore now!

Similar to other .io games, you need to choose a cool nickname firstly. Then press “Start Battle” button to enter the main screen. Your mind will be blown away immediately because the outer space looks like what you often see in movies. But, don’t take much time to admire its beauty or you will be killed soon.

Remember that your major task is to acquire the top spot on the leaderboard and your main action is to shoot. You also know that dustis the most important thing for upgrading your ship to new levels. The simplest way to obtain it is to fire asteroids. Meanwhile, the difficult way is to defeat other enemies’ ships. Of course, you have to carry out both to fulfill a level bar (at the top of the screen) soon. For each success, your ship will turn into a new one. And who gains the biggest ship will be the winner. Got it?

Aside from gathering the dust, you need to grab additional devices and weapons to enhance your spaceship as well. Just move around and then you can get them with ease. Especially, if you take any plasma guns or missiles, you will be the boss because these weapons can create a bad damage on other opponents.

When confronting the enemies, please beware of your health bar and take full advantage of the speed bar. Since you don’t have any chance to restore your health, avoid losing yourself in a place full of enemies. In case that you unluckily meet this trouble, use the speed bar right away. As a newbie, don’t forget to take a Tutorial so that you can easily understand its basic gameplay.

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How to play

  • The mouse cursor is to guide the spaceship.
  • The left mouse is to shoot.
  • Use the right mouse when having the second weapon.
  • Spacebar is to speed up.

Tips and tricks

  1. Try leveling up soon to heal and regenerate your ship’s health.
  2. The best position to shoot down the enemies is to chase from behind.
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