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Are you going to accept a new challenge in Don’t be hurried to say No since most of the battles in the .io world are fantastic and awesome. Furthermore, you’re brought to a 3D environment that makes your combat extremely interesting. No time for waiting. There we come!

You might think at first; however, this game is free for all. That means no team, no support. Let’s jump into a speedboat and start attacking now! You need to drive cleverly and aim your cannon towards opponents to shoot down them. 100 points will be awarded for each success. Moreover, if attaining each consecutive kill in a streak, 25 extra points will be added. Do your best to wipe out as many enemies as possible and then climb up to the top with the highest points. At the same time, always observe everywhere and dodge other attacks to defend the speedboat. Otherwise, your health will remarkably decrease. And if reaches zero, the game will be over.

In addition, you might catch some useful power-ups that are randomly appeared when defeating the enemies. They include Laser (give lightning-fast shots with a long range), Grenade Launcher (bring a high damage), Machine Gun (increase the shot speed effectively), Shrapnel Gun (shoot a target to smithereens), Spread Gun (fire bullets), Explode-o-laser (similar to Laser, but create a big boom at the end), Homing Shot (shoot projectiles), and Double Shot (own twin cannons). Once catching them, be quick to grab it, okay?

Before showing your aggressiveness to dominate everything in this game, don’t miss selecting an amazing skin at the welcome screen. They’re totally free and you don’t have to log in any social network. I often come with seafoam because it’s so cool. Try selecting the one you want most.

And now, are you actually ready to defeat rivals in and move to the best spot on the rankings? Don’t hesitate any seconds and justdemonstrate your best shooting skill like what you’ve done in other .io games. Good luck to you!

How to play

  • The WASD or arrow keys are to steer the speedboat.
  • The mouse is to aim and shoot.

Tips and tricks

  1. Some power-ups just last 30 seconds or until you die, hit hard and fast whenever having them.
  2. 50 points will be deducted if unluckily crashing any obstacles on the water or being blown up by the others.
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