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What are you waiting for the world of Start a fight outer space or learn how to survive in a dangerous forest? Stop guessing wildly since what you have to do is to catch as much territory as possible and then obtain the top 10 of the best players. To know clearly, take a look below now!

How to play

  • Truly, if you’re accustomed to or, everything will be easier at the beginning. Instead of starting off with 7 hexagons like both games, you will have 25 squares and of course, a head. Be clever to use WASD or arrow keys to guide the head to move around for expanding your base. Always remember to come back to the base after attaining a certain amount of territory.
  • Facing up with other opponents is unavoidable because they are everywhere and do the same task like you. That means they are trying to capture much territory and ready to attack you anytime. Therefore, beware of them when leaving the base for more territory. Avoid getting hit by other players or you’re dead and everything you “created” will be gone.
  • Although you can see the similarity, features some differences. The first thing is a small map in the top-left of the screen. The players can use this map to determine how much territory they acquire and the other’s achievement. The next thing is to play as a team. Sounds interesting, right? Copy a party link, send it to your friends, and enjoy together.
  • Last but not least, don’t forget that you’re in the .io world and your major goal is always to attain the top position. Be ready to put your name on the leaderboard of Wish you luck and success, all guys!

Check out some useful tips and tricks

  1. Avoid bumping the edge of the area or the game will be over instantly. The border is often marked by the red color.
  2. Avoid overextending when you’re new because you’re weak at the beginning and other players can attack you.
  3. Avoid expanding aside. If you just focus one side, the remain can be captured by the others with ease.
  4. Look at the map, determine which base near you is bigger, and then swallow some small portionsgradually.
  5. If your opponents are fighting each other, wait and take control of their base. Or if someone penetrates into your base, wait and hit their tail instantly.
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