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As an online multiplayer game like or, will soon become your next preferred survival game. The main request is to craft necessary items for surviving the cold, hunger and who attains the first rank of the leaderboard will be the winner.

How to play

Tap WASD or arrow keys to help a cute character discover the world that is covered by berry bushes, trees, rocks, rabbits, foxes, and other players. Hit the trees to take wood and then craft a pickaxe firstly. The next task is to gather stones by using the wooden pickaxe. Try to collect enough 5 stones and 30 blocks of wood to create a campfire before the cold comes at night. Of course, all are interacted via the mouse.

Take a look at the bottom and find out three different bars including heat (cold), health and hunger. Remember that they are extremely important because if one of them runs out of energy, you will die. The best and easiest way is to keep full the health bar by avoiding the foxes and other players’ attack. Although you might escape from the foxes easier than the players, you must be alert to get away as fast as possible. To the hunger bar, the only way is to collect berries or hunt small animals to eat. Keep them in your inventory and just click whenever the bar is down. To the final bar, the campfire is the sole solution instead of finding the players with a fire. Who knows they are friendly or not, right?

After completing some basic tasks, you should update new and useful tools from collecting as many resources as you can. Please look at a map to determine the location and then reach there. Just keep in mind that your upcoming item is a workbench (40 wood and 20 stones). Since is a survival game, fighting against other players is quite necessary. So, please upgrade your weapons by collecting gold and diamond. And to carry out well, you have to master the Recipes.

By all means, there are lots of interesting things that the developer has intentionally left you to uncover. That’s why I will stop spoiling more. Let’s jump into the main screen of this cute game and play until you defeat all to attain the highest position! Good luck to you, all game addicts!

Tips and tricks

  1. Settling near a bush is the first most important task to supply you a good source of food.
  2. Always stay next to the fire when the night comes
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