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Set your feet to a distant planet and then take part in an epic war, do you dare to accept this challenge? If you answer is yes, tap on the main screen of and welcome a series of frenetic things right now.

First of all, you need to pick up a unit in a list of powerful ones such as Roller, Javelin, Manta, Bomber, and so on. Each comes with different features including Health, Range, DPS , and Speed. So, consider carefully, choose one and start battling.

The war happens between two teams as Red and Blue. Since you have no idea of which team you will join, just look at a scoreboard (on the top) and see which color you are. For instance, if you’re on the Red Team, your main objective is to find and destroy all the enemies in the Blue Team. It’s not hard to catch them because the radar map (on the left side) shows everything.

The only action is to shoot hard and dodge skillfully. And don’t forget to activate some available abilities that are displayed on the screen. The more enemies you shoot down, the more XP points will be added. And when you level up successfully, new units will be unlocked and then you can change to become stronger.

Aside from attacking, don’t forget to protect your Command Center. The power of the Command Center is the number of supply (check it at the top of the screen). If this number reaches to zero, that means all bases defenses explode and your Command Center is in danger. Therefore, you need to work as a team and try your best to wipe out the enemy Command Center before they annihilate yours.

Focus on the screen, shoot hard, dodge, and destroy the enemy Command Center soon to make your team be on top. Or if you love playing with your friends only, you also create your own room and invite them to enjoy together.

No matter which option you choose, is definitively the best game to experience. Don’t miss it or you will regret for sure.

 How to control

  • Movement – WASD keys or the mouse cursor
  • Fire – the left/right mouse (depending on each particular unit)
  • Abilities – the number keys (depending on each particular unit)
  • Zoom – the mouse wheel

Tips and tricks

  1. As beginners, you should come with the Manta or Javelin.
  2. Always watch out for the number of supply so that you can get back to your Command Center and protect it at the moment.
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