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If you’re proficient in playing billiards, let’s see whether you can avail this ability in Of course, it’s a new product with a unique concept in the .io world. Be curious about it? Jump here and explore now!

How to play

  • At the beginning, this game introduces two main modes including Rush and Endless.

-Rush requires you to become one of the 5 best players in a quick round. And if you succeed, you will be brought to a new map

-Endless is a Free-For-All battle where you are free to score as many points as possible. And another important task here is to find and possess a golden ball.

  • Which mode do you prefer most? Pick up one and then continue learning the common gameplay.

-You’re a ball and your major task is to attack other balls on the map. There are two types including standard balls and real players.

-Like playing billiards, you will control your ball to hit the others to get XP. Instead of having a billiards cue, this game offers a line that can spin around an axis.

-Make the most of the line to determine the ball’s position.

-Start charging power. Remember to watch the bar below and wait until it’s full. Release the power and the ball will roll like you want.

  • However, the truth is that not all the balls stand still, especially those who are directed by the real players. They also want to attack you as much as you do. Hence, you need to be agile to avoid their attack and counterattack.
  • Try your best to acquire as much XP as possible because it’s the main key to help you level up. And after completing every 2 levels, this game gives you a powerful ability that makes you surprising for sure. For instance, you can become invisible or move quickly.
  • Sounds interesting? Why don’t you enter the main screen of and relish this cool game now? Play until you receive awesome abilities like I said. Have fun, guys!


  • Hold the left mouse to charge power
  • Click the right mouse to get the max power
  • Scroll the mouse to zoom

Tips and tricks

  1. The standard balls just cost 25 XP while the real players are 100 XP.
  2. Be careful of falling into black holes or the game is over.
  3. If you catch the golden ball, you can earn a great bonus for a period of time.
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