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We all know that .io games are free, easy to play, yet hard to beat. That’s why it’s difficult to resist new addiction from the .io list. And now, welcome to that has quickly become worldwide in a short time. Before starting, why don’t you spend a little of time on learning its gameplay?

How to control

  • If you’re waiting for something as tribes or teams as, won’t be your optimal choice since you have to fight against other players. So, the main request is to seize as much territory  as possible. Although it sounds quite simple, it’s not easy to attain the best result when facing up with 100 players at the same time.
  • Let’s look at the main screen, guys! You will start with a small base of 7 hexagons  and then guide your snake’s head to branch out and enlarge the base by moving the mouse. After drawing a certain area, remember to connect it back to the existing base. However, be extremely careful because when coming away, you’re in an open space as well as another player’s domain. That means you are weak and in danger. And if somebody hits your head or line, it’s game over. One terrible thing is that any player can beat another in spite of their size, scores or general position.

Is there any good strategy to win

  1. Of course, yes. Depending on your character, you can do from fearless and combative to tricky and protective. Normally, aggressive moves are the best way because the conquering territory is the chief method of gaining more scores. And to carry out well, you must aim the mouse cursor at new areas of the map continuously. Although we know that leaving the base for overtaking new territory is a dangerous thing, playing aggressively is a great solution to lead a round since you don’t have much to miss.
  2. Relying on that, your next protective methods might be easier. When having a reasonable amount of the base, you can choose a safer gameplay by guarding the borders and obstructing other players from invading. But, this way only helps you maintain the position, not achieve the first position. Therefore, don’t forget to come to new places and conquer as much territory as you possibly can.
  3. How far will you expand your base? And will you master the leaderboard in the soonest time? Play it now and then find the answer!
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