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About is rather similar to when you are required to help a little snake become larger and stronger. However, this game is different enough to make it fascinating to play. What are differences? Down here to know now!

As you know, eating colorful dots is extremely important to make the snake bigger. The most interesting thing is that each different dot will give awesome features.

  • The green dots will protect the snake within 5 seconds.
  • The blue dots will increase the snake’s speed for 5 seconds.
  • The pink dots will add venom so that the snake can spit it towards enemies.
  • The red dots are to increase scores so that the snake can level up soon.
  • The yellow dots will turn the snake into Super Snake.

Since your snake is still small, please only focus on collecting as many dots as possible. At the same time, remember to avoid touching spike walls on the screen or the game will be over instantly.

In addition, attacking other opponents is necessary. Of course, you are able to defeat the snakes when their levels are lower via guiding any part of your snake’s body towards them. Then your opponents will explode and leave their dots. Eat them to increase your level, got it?

But, watch out for higher-level opponents because they can do the same thing like you. So, you need to be tricky and take advantage of the useful dots to counter-attack or run away with a high speed.

The more you play, the more exciting things will be unlocked. For instance, you can unlock lots of new skins for your snake or attain great achievements if completing well some small tasks. Last but not least, always remember that what you have to perform is to gain the high position on the leaderboard. And whenever seeing your snake with a crown on his head, victory is yours.

If you’re ready to play, be quick to fill a cool name and tap on the Play button now!

How to control

Travel around – A & D keys or left & right arrow keys

Spit venom – W or up arrow key

Tips and tricks

  1. Observe the opponent’s head to know whether they have venom or not.
  2. The level will be shown on each snake’s head as well.
  3. Always view a mini-map to learn about the current situations.
  4. If someone is chasing behind you, try to go to the spike walls. Perhaps, the snake behind you might hit the wall and explode.



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