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With only two teams in or, your winning ability might be easier than facing up with four teams, right? But if you want to try this challenge, land on the main screen of now. After being given randomly to four teams including Red, Blue, Green, and Yellow, your main task is to become the first team which completes 25 kills.

How to play

  • Throw yourself into a maze and then guide your tank by using WASD or arrow keys to search for enemies. And if catching any tank, tap the left mouse to aim and shoot instantly. Will it sound simple and easy like that? Don’t be subjective because other players are aggressive at the beginning. See, they run and shoot everywhere in order to defeat enough 25 tanks in the soonest time. That’s why, you need to work well with your teammates when moving, ambushing, and attacking.
  • Additionally, this game features some power-ups including Health, Bullet Bounce, Bullet Power, and Shield. Although they are scattering through the maze, you just find Health at your base or others’ ones. So, if your health bar is going to reach zero, you need to come back your base and grab Health quickly.
  • Always remember that you’re playing as a team and please keep your team’s advantage eventually in such a way that you and your teammate can come to the final victory after knocking 25 tanks out. In case that you are curious about an ideal strategy, I just say “play aggressively and act quickly.” Whenever defeating one enemy, be agile to reach their base to shoot down a newcomer that’s just sent to the battle. Keep attacking and watch a board on the top at the same time to know how many tanks are defeated. And when reaching the number of 25, your team will be the winner.
  • Especially, you are free to play this cute game online, LAN , or offline. Just click on a small button of Settings before starting the game. And don’t forget to change a new nickname if you want. I often call my tank with cool names like “I am the King” or “Shoot ‘em up” to create a strong impression on other players since I never see anyone change their name.
  • Feel okay with what I’ve mentioned above? Tap PLAY button and then enjoy a cool combat in! Hope you acquire the win in the soonest time!

Tips and tricks

Make sure you always stay together your teammates to finish off the weak enemies soon.

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