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Have you ever enjoyed any football match in the .io world? If your answer is No, why don’t you land on the main screen of and experience tons of cool and fun things? I’m sure you never feel bored when discovering a brand-new soccer MMO browser game here.

The most interesting thing in this game is that you can play one-on-one to see who is the best footballer. Or you’re randomly sent into a field with more than 2 persons in order to support your team to the final victory. No matter how you play, the main objective is to score as many goals as possible.

Similar to a real football match, you have to be clever and agile to catch the ball, dodge other players and kick a goal. Since the game features a small yellow line, you should follow it to give the exact kick. The more goals you gain, the more scores you receive. And when the time runs out, a scoreboard will appear that show how best you are. However, to save your excellent statistics and acquire the highest ranks, you should log in via the social networks. Try checking it at the welcome screen later.

During the game, don’t forget to collect some available Energy Potions to improve your skill. Additionally, remember to earn more coins from the previous successful matches to purchase a couple of cool T-shirts.

As grows, your chance to meet other talented players is higher. Although it’s quite challenging to confront them, you will be greatly rewarded if defeating them. No time for hesitating. Give this exciting game a try and be quick to gain a big victory! Good luck!

How to play

  • You have two options including the mouse or keyboard.
  • The mouse cursor is to move the footballer. The left mouse is to sprint while the right mouse is to kick the ball.
  • WASD keys are to guide the character. Q or C key is to sprint. X or Spacebar is to kick.

General tips and tricks for

  1. Zoom in and out the football field by scrolling the mouse to get a good vision.
  2. Although the Energy Potion is to maintain the footballer’s stamina, avoid wasting it too much. Keep it for quick actions.
  3. If your opponent tries to aim, push him now.
  4. By logging in through the social network, you are able to play ranked matches on the blue fields and unranked on the green ones.
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