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What could be more wonderful than joining a medieval jousting in a very modern .io game of! If you are willing to experience this battle, land on here now.

Truly, the main task is rather familiar to any .io addicts. It’s all about acquiring the top place in the ranking. And to be able to do this important task, you MUST perform two necessary actions including collecting and attacking.

Before starting, please guide your warrior to choose a powerful horse and then hold his sword tightly. Then run around the area and search for available coins. The most interesting thing is the coins will automatically follow the warrior when he comes close. However, avoid taking these coins through the game or carry out too much at the same time because some might drop on the ground unexpectedly or the warrior will become a prey.

So, whenever having a certain number of coins, be quick to bring them to a nearby bank. This doesn’t only increase your score but also improve the warrior’s sword.

As you know, the weapon is critical for defeating the enemies. Aim who you want to kill, charge the sword and attack. Make sure you do quickly and accurately to annihilate them successfully. Relying on that, you are able to steal their coins. Of course, you should watch out for the others’ attack if you don’t want to return to the welcoming screen and start from scratch.

In addition, remember to observe a mini-map so that you can determine where your warrior and nearby banks are. This helps you save much time in increasing the coins.

And now is your showtime, guys. Let’s make your warrior become the best one in via beating all of the players and attaining the highest position on the scoreboard. Take action and good luck to you!

How to control

  • Movement – the mouse cursor
  • Charging the sword – the left mouse

Tips and tricks

  1. Your score on the leaderboard depends on the number of coins that you can put in the bank. If you just take them with you, you never increase the score.
  2. Dragons often produce lots of coins. Move around them, wait for the coins’ appearance and take them quickly.
  3. It’s okay to attack the enemies from the beginning. But, try to upgrade the weapon in the best condition to fight with more damage.
  4. Charging the sword will enhance your attacking ability.
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