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About Game: is a online flash web based fighting and collecting game. The game has easy-to-read graphics and a very simple but attractive gameplay.

Enter the game you will be controlling a ship, your mission is to eat so many points in the maps to be able to reach top 1 on the leaderboard. You can customize features such as name your ship, choose your ship's class (there are five classes with different characteristics), choose your ship skills (5 different skill types) .

When entering the maps, you will see huge round dots with blood sticks, you have two ways to kill them: fire bullets at them or crash them into them so they lose blood, when they are no longer bleeding. Turn and you get points.

You can move the ship by firing it to propel the train to the opposite. When you move at high speed, if you hit the circle, they will lose more blood and if you hit another player's ship, you and the player will lose more blood.

Note the minimap in the lower right corner of the screen as you will see your position as well as other players. The leaderboard will appear on the right of the game screen. Also, you can chat with other players in the next minimap.

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How To Play:

  • Use mouse to control the direction of the ship.
  • Use left mouse to shoot.
  • Use space to active skill.

Tips and Tricks:

  1. Round up as much points as possible.
  2. The bullets that hit the ends of the map may be echoed.
  3. The higher the speed, the more damage is done.
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