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Our Earth is in danger thanks a terrible invasion of dangerous viruses. And the only way to survive is to collect orbs. What are they? And why are they so necessary? Take a step to the main screen of to know now!

How to play

See! You are covered with a protective suit and equipped with a rifle. Don’t be foolish to take it off because you will die right away. Press WASD/arrow keys to move around a big laboratory  and look for the orbs. They are useful for increasing your health as well as fulfilling the rifle’s ammo. Now, take a look at a shining bar at the bottom to know clearer. Whenever shooting aimlessly, your health will gradually drain away. That’s why you need to search for and eat as many orbs as possible at the very beginning.

However, everything doesn’t sound simple since this lab is surrounded by hordes of rude enemies. Therefore, your next task is to kill everything that moves. Aim accurately and shoot quickly by using the mouse in order to keep yourself safe; otherwise, your health will decrease remarkably. Especially, try to make use of some available barrels around the lab. Some contain TNT that can explode fiercely while some hold full of toxic. Be clever to guide the enemy towards there and then explode the barrels to kill. Remember to avail it as a trick when playing.

Additionally, the game features some cool and powerful weapons that are scattering around the lab. So, keep moving to find them or the enemies take all. This action is certainly useful to stay alive. Generally, if you follow what I’ve mentioned above, your opportunity to win is higher. Although there are no specific strategies, you can create some by yourself. Play as much as possible and then you will discover with ease.

Since is a brand new multiplayer online shooting .io game like or, you have to complete the last request that is to attain the highest spot on the leaderboard. Packed with tons of cool actions, you will never feel bored when playing and it’s tough to take your eyes off the screen till killing the final enemy. If you totally believe in your best capacity, land on here and play instantly. Hope you succeed soon!

Tips and tricks

  1. Although you can use the barrels as the best support, remember to get away from them when bullets are flying everywhere.
  2. Hide yourself behind walls to avoid the bullets or perform a quick counterattack.
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