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Have you ever played a video game that requires you to get as lower as you can in order to progress further? Well, that strange gameplay is only in Just like a dream to the boring game industry that has blocked by the massive produced video games with no creativeness, will make your eyes bling.

This .io video game serves quite incredible gameplay, in which the player will get to control a ball character by using the computer mouse and get help from the support keys. The playground is nothing rather than a tower that has several floors. The goal of the gameplay is bouncing the ball character until it reaches the lowest floor. That goal sounds a bit unbelievable since the last floor cannot be seen that easy. However, until you are able to reach the destination, you need to make sure that you are good enough to make your way through different dangerous barriers. 

The gameplay of is challenging from the beginning and it will keep growing as you progress. You can also unlock new skins for your character, so stay tuned until you can manage the entire gameplay of Let us get to now! Good luck with it!

How to play:

  • [Mouse] = move your character
  • [a] = move left
  • [d] = move right
  • [right arrow] = move right
  • [left arrow] = move left

Tips and tricks:

  1. The more elements you will unlock, the more challenging the game becomes, as you have more things to deal with.
  2. The Special powers can help you a lot but remember not to use them consecutively. Unblocked:

  1. Do you want to get access to Unblocked immediately? Let us get to is an incredible game website, which provides its player with millions of unblocked video games every day. If you are friends with professional gamers, you might have already heard them talking about! Check it out!
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