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A crazy slaughter is going to happen in, a new multiplayer pixel shooting .io game. Are you prepared to confront this battle? Will you be a good killer or just a blockage? Play to discover the final answer now!

Free-for-all or Team, which game mode do you want to play? No matter what you choose, your main task is to kill as many enemies as possible in order to fulfill a green bar (on the left of the screen). Anyone or any team who fills the bar firstly will win the match. When finishing each match, a scoreboard will appear that shows necessary results of how many deaths, kills, rewards, the total score, and more. The better your result is, the higher position on the leaderboard you can attain.

As a newbie, you might not know how to change to different classes in this game. Therefore, the Triggerman is considered as the best choice. Although his damage bullet is quite moderate, he can fire very fast thanks to 24 rounds of ammo. If you shoot quickly and accurately, you can easily defeat other players. Since each bullet deals 25 damage and every person has 100 HP, just give 4 rapid and exact shots, okay? Additionally, you are able to discover other classes with various abilities including Detective, Hunter, Vince, Rocketeer, etc.

The next thing I want to emphasize is weapons. When directing the Triggerman, you can use both Machine Gun and Grenade Launcher. Or you can possess both Sniper and Machine Pistol if guiding Hunter.

Ah, remember to watch out oil barrels around the map. Don’t stay close to any barrel when it explodes; otherwise, you will lose 50 HP. Or take full advantage of it to attack the enemies. But, the reality is not simple because no one stays in one place for attacking. It’s because the best strategy is to keep moving and shooting all the time. Try to move close to the edges so that you can see farther and do a quick countercharge against the opponents.

Last but not least, don’t forget to tap on “Nice” button after completing each match to show your friendliness in Ready to play, guys? SET and GO NOW!

How to control

  • WASD keys – move
  • Spacebar – jump.
  • The mouse – aim and shoot.
  • Scroll the mouse or click on Q & E – change the weapons.
  • R – reload.

Tips and tricks

  1. Take full advantage of corners to defeat the enemies.
  2. Although you can auto-reload, try doing it when seeing no enemies. Relying on that your weapon is always full of ammo in case of emergency.
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